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   English spelling can be difficult to learn, and even harder to teach. But now, for the first time, there is a publication that shows the order behind the chaos.

   As a reference tool, the Vowel Book is invaluable for demonstrating the relationship between vowel sounds and spelling patterns in American English.

   And the optional set of corresponding CDís or the audio cassette tapes complements "The Vowel Book" with professional recordings of all the different vowel sounds.



Louise Marsh & Arthur J. Compton, Ph.D.

At last!
A book that makes sense out of spelling and pronunciation

Displays all vowel spelling patterns. Shows correspondence between spelling and pronunciation.

Use for spelling practice

Use for pronunciation practice
Use your imagination

    Over 6,000 words organized by spelling patterns

         and vowel pronunciations

     All 21 vowel and diphthong sounds found in

          American English

     All 6,000 words recorded by a professional actor

         and actress from the American Conservatory

         Theatre (ACT) San Francisco

      Vowel Book and 4 CDís

      Vowel Book, 4 Cassette Tapes and Case

      or Vowel Book only


The Vowel Book
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