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In 1976, Dr. Arthur J. Compton, founder and director of the Institute of Language and Phonology in San Francisco, established Carousel House Press, a scientific and educational publishing company, to provide high-quality teaching, testing, and reference materials to professionals within the fields of normal and disordered communications. Carousel House publishes and distributes most of the research and products that have been developed at the Institute of Language & Phonology. These materials are used throughout the United States of America and Canada by thousands of speech-language pathologists, special education teachers, ESL teachers, actors, and other trainers and educators dealing with spoken communication. All products offered by Carousel House are the result of extensive applied research and testing, and are designed to be affordable, practical, and appealing.

 Dr. Compton is a recipient of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association 1970 Editor’s Award for his pioneering linguistic research with children. His applications of speech science and linguistic analyses to problems of communication have been published extensively in more than 100 professional publications, journals, and textbooks. His teaching and testing materials are widely recognized and used nationally and internationally.

For additional information about Dr. Compton or the Institute and Language Phonology click here: Institute of Language & Phonology, Research Division.

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