An easy-to-follow, step-by-

     step, training program.



Fills in the gaps and a long

     standing deficit in the

     training of speech

     pathologists who rarely

     receive the type of

     instruction and practice

     required to master the

     specialized problems of

     transcribing the deviant

     speech of children


Provides the extra skills

     and notations you need

     to transcribe those

     difficult and unusual
     speech sounds.




Phonetics for Children’s Misarticulations


 Arthur J. Compton, Ph.D. 

Learn to transcribe those elusive children’s
misarticulated sounds easily and accurately

Available in Cassette-Tape Format



                      Includes over 160 audio samples of children’s disordered

                           speech sounds (selected from more than 200 diagnostic



                      Illustrates 28 different types of speech errors


                      Includes several examples of conversational speech to

                          demonstrate different intelligibility problems found in
 severe speech disorders.



The program includes: Manual, Audio-Cassette  tape, and a carrying case.

The 50 page manual provides a table of specialized phonetic notations,   explains the variables which often interfere with precise transcription, and gives a description and transcription of each speech sample on the audio cassette tape.

Phonetics for Children's Misarticulations
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